What We Feed


I have spent many years researching the most natural diet for the cat

We are told "we are what we eat "and the cat is no exception

Cats are carnivore's and cannot survive without meat.

Most health problems nowadays are caused by a poor diet both in humans and animals

Here at Tapestrycats we feed daily


Raw minced chicken

Raw chicken wings (Sainsbury's are freshest)

Raw organ meat chicken livers

Natures Menu pouch

Animonda Carny meat tinned

Grass grown on the window ledge to remove hairballs

Our kittens are used to dry biscuits in small quantities Royal Canin kitten as we understand not every new owner will feed raw

 Kittens must have 3 wet food meals a day you can alternate between raw and pouches

We do not give milk only fresh water

We do not give treats

We do not feed supermarket cat food

We recommend  zooplus  pet food online

Our adults do not eat dry food as it can cause gum problems and kidney problems if fed in large quantities over a long period of time.

I am here to guide you if you wish for the life of the cat